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Gallery Showings

ArtRedo artwork is being shown around the world at prestigious galleries. 

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Oxford Art Alliance

Oxford Art Alliance has judged "Size 7" as a Finalist in their art exhibition October 2023. The piece was one of over 200 hundred entries and the piece was one of three 3-D works chosen for the exhibition hall. 

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Certificate of Participation

Well, we're official now.
See our certificate of participation in this year's exhibit.

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SwissArtExpo 5.0

SwissArtExpo ArtRedo's "Spaceship to Mars" has been judged to be a Finalist in the SwissArtExpo , September 6-10, 2023. That means our entry is one of 10 across the globe that will be honored at this year's event. According to event rules, the judging is over and…

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