Something for Everyone

Art Lamps

Disguards or forgotten items brought to life once again and reimagined.    

Art Clocks

Check out our clocks! They run backwards and forwards.. 

Art Statuary

Black or galvanized pipe designs bringing to life the most unusual creatures you've ever seen.

Art Rayguns

I've always said.. Everyone needs a raygun so get yours from Art Redo.  We offer the best selection in the universe.


Dylan Canady offers a collection of  the very best potions, wands and magical jewelry us mere mortals have ever seen. Be careful you may become spellbound.  

Something for Everyone

It's true..   

About Us


Cedar Chest Too, 31707 US 84, McGregor

Vendor #143


LaSalle Shoppe, 2223 LaSalle Avenue, Waco

Vendors #169/721 

The Process

ArtRedo items are located and disassembled for cleaning and repairing. Items are then reassembled,  reimagined, repainted for resell.

Dylan's creation methods is of course a's magic!

Featured This Week

A wide range of spells can be conjured with this magical wand.  If you've ever wanted to turn  this into that  try this beauty.

What Else...


Watch cool video on project builds

Commission Work

Don't like my stuff, no problem. Give me your ideas and I'll do the assembly. If you have the parts that fine or I'll locate them.

One of a kind gifts

Looking for that special gift for the person that has everything. Look no further, check our our unique oddities.  And remember everything on this site is one of a kind. 

Featured Video

Check out this great video from Art Redo --The Invasion from Mars--

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